Why Moms Home Schooling High School Need Each Other Every Day

Home Schooling

When your teen is in the trenches of home schooling on an ordinary Thursday afternoon and you’ve just finished explaining that their essay’s rough draft needs to have less of a passive voice to it overall, and then you leave the room, making it only as far as the kitchen before the fearful thoughts take over:

How will I be able to handle every stinking subject of high school as the teacher?  What if my essay “grading” isn’t tough enough to prepare them for English 1101 in college?  What about transcripts?  And college?  Oh, Lawd!

How will we get this whole high school thing all done – and done right?

Yes, right about now, you need the voice of a girlfriend who is in the trenches with you that can pat your hand and tell you that it’s gonna be alright.  One that understands.  Special friends who can tell you that today is only one day in the grand scheme of home schooling high school and that it will all come together – piece by piece.  A friend that will help you take a step back and have a good laugh at yourself and how spun up we become.

A few weeks later, you may be feeling incredibly confident with this whole education at home thing and you’ll be able to speak life into a struggling Mama who is at her wits end.  You’ll boldly share your recent wins and give her the peace she needs to keep going one more day.  It’s cool how that works.

Home Schooling Mom Problem

We are all so busy and we don’t really know when other home schooling Moms need us.  When we are having issues ourselves, most of us don’t have that fabulous neighbor next door that’s super-fun and helpful that lets you meet up on her front porch to listen to you whine while she sips away nonchalantly from her coffee mug.

Or Do We?

I propose that we homeschooling Mamas need each other daily.  I began a homeschooling high school section on my site, TheHowtoGuru, but we need our own designated place to spread out here, don’t we?  This will be our own, special front porch hangout – here on my front porch (well, virtually, that is). We’ll start our conversations as if we’re already the best of friends, sharing a cup o’ java.

We’ll share our daily wins and struggles, help each other, and above all, have fun!

Yes, homeschooling high school is serious business but it doesn’t have to suck all the joy from our bones!

You jump in and join the par – tay when you are ready, Mama.  I’m giddy to talk about home school programs, the best homeschool curriculum, homeschool schedules for high schoolers, and more.


Today’s Video:   What’s up Wednesday from my front porch!